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Frederic Imbert uses Canon and Phase One to shoot John Travolta and Breitling in a new advertising campaign

8/22/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Associated with Breitling for the eighth consecutive year, the "star pilot" appears in a new advertising campaign in the company of the famous Navitimer.

From his earliest childhood, John Travolta has always had two dreams: to fly every day and to wear a Navitimer -- the cult model among aviation enthusiasts and professionals. An experienced pilot with over 6,000 flight hours to his credit and certified on eight types of aircraft, he remains more loyal than ever to the "official supplier to world aviation", with which he shares the same spirit and the same constant quest for performance. In 2012, he stars in the brand-new advert dedicated to the brand with the winged B. The extremely evocative visual shows Travolta standing next to a Mustang P-51; a shot taken by French photographer Frédéric Imbert, on the runway of the Air & Space Port in Mojave, California. The pilot appears wearing the Navitimer with its famous aviation slide rule and its Manufacture Breitling Caliber 01, the world's best selfwinding chronograph movement. For John Travolta, it is quite simply the most legendary chronograph of them all.

About photographer Frederic Imbert:

It's by these two words that Frédéric loves to capture what he sees.
Frédéric Imbert was born and raised in Paris. He first discovered photography while studying Art history at L'Ecole du Louvre.
It is there that he realised, that Photography could bring him to a world of travel, esthetism and elegance.
After working and sharing his passion with his friend, the legendary photographer Hans Feurer, Frédéric chose to live his dream.
He is now working around the world, shooting women with his unique sense of perfectionism.
His only desire is to bring an aesthetical vision of women by exposing the natural beauty of each of them.
As a professional photographer his mission is to get the essence of what he sees, and then present it in a sensual and delicate way.
Frédéric has photographed models and celebrities for countless prestigious fashion magazines, including ELLE, MARIE-CLAIRE , VOTRE BEAUTÉ, THE SOURCE ...
Frédéric Imbert currently lives between Paris and New-York.

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