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Using Continuous Light and Strobes together: A Lighting Tutorial by Jay P. Morgan

8/17/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Today we are going to look at using strobes and a continuous light source together on set to create an interesting portrait. We want to take some wonderful images of Rebecca Grant on a small set representing a back stage make-up area.

To accomplish this we are going to use a combination of continuous lights and strobes. I want to create a shaft of light in the image for dramatic effect. A shaft of light can not be seen by our eyes unless there is something reflected in it like water, mist, dust or smoke.

We will use smoke to make the light coming from our 2K visible. How to expose for these two light sources in the same image is critical to this process. It's a much different experience when the continuous light source is continuous and not fading like the sun.This lesson will show you how we set up, light and expose the image above.

With that knowledge you will be better equipped to make images where a continuous light source becomes a key lighting element in the image.



Anonymous said...

Actually aperture affects BOTH continuous AND flash light just like ISO...