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HyperSync: Get sharp action pictures with PocketWizard like Manchul Kim

9/05/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

KOREA DC SHOES Team Rider “Lee Sanglee” / Conceptual Portrait Works Behind The Scenes
Photographer - Manchul Kim
Photo.Video Assist - Inhang Sun
Skateboarder - Sanglee Lee
Boy - Doyoung Kim
Girl - Minhee Lee
Please check out Korean photographer Manchul's Homepage For more

Do you know  HyperSync:

PocketWizard’s HyperSync™ feature throws x-sync out the window, allowing never before possible shutter speeds with full power flash – any full power flash.

With some camera and flash combinations even 1/8000th second is possible.  Now you can shoot in bright sun with flash and wide open apertures and use your shutter speed to cut the ambient light; great news for portrait and wedding shooters.

Action shooters can use that extra speed to freeze just about anything that moves.  Regardless of how you use it, HyperSync changes the game completely and opens up entirely new creative possibilities.

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