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Welcome to Old Man MMA. BTS of 2 Old Men fighting in a cage by Kenny Smith

9/30/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

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Somewhat amused by the popularity that MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has experienced, I wondered what the sport would look like if it was between 2 elderly men.

I shot this personal story to find out...............

© Kenny Smith

© Kenny Smith

© Kenny Smith

© Kenny Smith

About Kenny Smith:

They say life is made of ordinary days, and to me the same is true with photography.

Photographs have a way of spectacularly capturing the unspectacular. Those uneventful microseconds in life that combine to make up an overall amazing moment.

I’ve taken thousands of photos, and the portfolio you see here is the result of that so far. Some I have taken on assignment and some for myself, but I hope that you’re unable to tell the difference. I hope that the line between my personal and commissioned work is blurred by my obsession for creating imagery.

I don’t like writing in the third person, and I don’t like taking photos in the third person either, I hope that these images portray where I was at that moment, and better yet, I hope you can see yourself in there too.

I am Kenny Smith and this is my creative journey.

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Unknown said...

Nice shots.I like it.And thanks to sharing here.
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