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Aspen Photoshoot: Behind-the-Scenes with Chase Jarvis RAW

10/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Chase Jarvis and crew take you behind the scenes of their "Before Aspen/Snowmass" 2012 ad campaign.

The focus for this work was to re-create and share the real Aspen experience, so we lived it. Shooting on location in the mountains comes with the usual crazy challenges. Cold weather, crazy wind, even colder hands and feet, scorching sun, altitude issues, running around above 12,000 feet… and in my case, a badly sunburned nose.   ( text via


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but i find the resulting shots sub-par (to be polite). With all the production cost involved, the photographer should be ashamed...

Anonymous said...

Agreed, none of the pictures look even close to good.