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Shoot The Centerfold Behind The Scenes with Michael Dezer and 5 of the top Playboy Photographers

10/29/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Bringing together the Largest Privately owned Car collection in the USA, Michael Dezer and 5 of the top Playboy Photographers, with over 35 playmates, you can only imagine what happened behind the scenes. Here is just a small glimpse into what has been one of the most exclusive industry secrets.

  Images by @thecenterfold
The arrival of my model on set, the very beautiful Vicky-Lee Valentino, who had been poured into impossibly tight pale blue and cream latex top and skirt, was, I am happy to report, received with much enthusiasm. Being a great believer in appropriate clothing for the situation, I bought with me from London an outfit which I had previously had made for a Playboy pictorial entitled ‘Stretch your Imagination” which was published in the magazine in 2007. The set became believable and I took some care in color coordinating the costume with the Vespa so all was harmonious. Coming back to the wondrous Vicky-Lee, which I have to tell you I am more than happy to do, with her sublime and curvaceous figure, beautiful face and eyes that would melt even the most frozen of hearts, I fired off a few exposures to establish which would be correct. Immediately I had her framed in my viewfinder I knew that she was a keeper. Her natural elegance and warmth shone through and I was particularly drawn to the way her hands just fell perfectly and beautifully into the most exquisite positions. Hands are always something I pay much attention to when shooting….no need to with Miss Vicky. I have never seen handsthat are so graceful ( Text via )

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