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Silver & Ligh Project: Portrait using Profoto strobes and old wet plates technique

10/16/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Most would say it is a miracle that Madison is with us today. I decided to use bubbles because they are so delicate and fragile. They blow carelessly in the wind. The way a child does. These are the types of stories that we are searching for.

The Time Machine was created based upon the idea that I would be able to capture images the way I see them in my mind. When I close my eyes and dream, I see images in 3-D. I am able to move freely within this space and view the images from all angles. This camera works in the same way. Because I am able to stand inside the camera, the image surrounds me. I am now able to consciously see images from all angles.

 Our objective with the Silver & Light project is to travel through America and photograph the people and land.( via Profoto)

Become a part of SILVER & LIGHT and get updated travel info. We will be coming to a town near you!!!!!