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Christmas Themed Photoshoots

11/21/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

With Christmas being around the corner it is a great idea to give your next photo shoot a Christmas theme and produce some nice photos for postings and greetings. I totally enjoyed meeting up with cousins Feifei and Metin in order to put our heads together, come up with three simple and straight forward sets for a christmassy model shoot and try all of them out in a joint shooting.

Whenever a couple of photographers team up to realize an idea, there is plenty of stuff they are learning from each other. All 3 ideas are going to be showcased and explained in GoodLight Issue 03/2012 which comes out December 15th (given it is approved in time by apple). But as a preview, here is already a video with a sneak peak at our first idea, the self made red ribbon costume. You will find more on that and two more ideas inside the mag.

Probably you noticed that we did shoot with different cameras from Nikon and Canon and we used speedlights from both brands and from Yongnuo. This is possible because we used Phottix Atlas II radio triggers which work awesomely with pretty much any camera / flash combination.

The settings we used are documented in our lighting diagram:

Lighting diagram for Christmas themed photo shoot isolated on white background
Some examples of how each of us is interpreting this scene

(by Feifei)

(by Metin)

(by Michael)

(by Michael)

(by Michael)

In the coming issue of GoodLight magazine you will find 2 more setups for Christmas themed photo shoots. Until then, secure your chance for our speedlight giveaway by dropping us a comment below!

Contest: GoodLight Issue Team have 3 Yongnuo 560 II speedlights to give away. GoodLight Issue used this speedlights in the photoshoot for this article and we love them! Just leave a comment (any comment) below this post and check the "Post to facebook" checkbox to enter. Contest ends Sunday December 9th at midnight US Eastern Time, after which time we will select 3 entrants to win. The first winner will also get 15 feet of the red ribbon we used in the shoot in and the costume of our model as a blueprint for making his own costume in his next shoot.

Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won’t count.

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batsgonemad said...

Always good to have different ideas for a Christmas to just find a willing model