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Depth of Field as a Creative Tool: A Lighting Tutorial! by Jay P. Morgan

11/09/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In today's Slanted Lens lesson we will take a look at depth of field as a creative tool while shooting some fashion shots on location at Vasquez Rocks.

We will use a simple 2 light set up to shoot beautiful Gabrielle Tuite and look at how different lens focal lengths give us different depth of field options. We will look at what lens choice will give us a shallow depth and what lens choice will give us a more scenic deep depth of field. 

Vasquez is the perfect place to look at depth of field. It's one of the most photographed places in Southern California. It has a long history of film making. It has been in Star Track "Captain Kurk and the Lizard fight", Austin Powers, Bonanza, John Carter, and many many more. It has a very strong rock point that is graphic and the reason I wanted to shoot here. 

We will use that as a graphic element in our shots. Let's take a look at depth of field as a creative tool.
Keep those cameras rolling, and keep on click'n!