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A Black Bear decides to become a Photographer

12/23/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

What do you do when you're taking photos of a black bear in the woods with expensive photography equipment and the bear starts coming towards you? Run of course. But if you're a true photographer, and have an extra camera, you stop and document what happens after you leave.

The photographer, said "While photographing a black bear sow and her three spring cubs near Ely, Minnesota, I noticed a young bear watching me from the nearby trees. After about 45 minutes, its curiosity could not be contained.."

The bear was so intrigued by the camera left on the tripod that she decided to take a closer look. After inspecting the camera the bear proceeded to mimic Dean's behavior that she witnessed earlier. She looked at the lcd screen as if she was lining up the shot and when that was accomplished she put her paw on top of the camera to take the picture.
Bears are intelligent creatures, but this one, was truly, smarter than your average bear.

Via  epicwildlife