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UPDATE: Behind the Scenes "Cats in Slow Motion Series" using Phantom Camera

1/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The results:

Duality: Leopard vs Domestic Cat



Here's some info about the shoot ( thanks Rich )

  • We shot that on the Phantom flex camera with a 20-100 Cooke lens.
  • The vast majority of shots were at 300fps – that's where we found our sweet spot - getting great detail w/o belaboring the point
  • There were actually 2 leopards and 2 cats – the females did the jumping and walking. The males did the snarling and swiping. Go figure.
  • Those phantom chew up space. 2 hours of footage ate up 1 Tarabyte of data. You can get those to shoot 40k fps, but your resolution will suffer.

And other video: Raining Cats:

Via eHowPets