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Making of of the making of CNB 100 Chrisco: Searching the perfect photobook

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Established in 1993 by Marine and Nicolas Claris, Claris is a company that develops and creates marketing and communication tools for the yacht and superyacht industry.

Our flexibility, our understanding, our creativity, our availability and our experience make us unique in our ability to work for individual owners, small companies as well as large corporations.

With our network of correspondents, throughout the world, we are able to provide “adapted thinking”, “photo shoots”, “copy writing”, “layout drawing” and, thanks to the Internet, we can send proofs for exchange of comments and approval online to and from any part of the world. To bring the best service to our clients we need to perform in-house as many techniques as possible.

For example, we direct our own photo and video shoots, digital touch-up, layout editing and pre-press jobs as well as video editing or DVD authoring and mastering. We also supervise the production schedule without relying on our suppliers delays.

This allows us to deal with contingencies while ensuring that a wide range of selected sub-contractors can be called up in the event of short notice projects. Creating and building a marketing tool must enhance a company, a brand, a product, or a range of products. There is no random when it comes to select photos, write texts or design creative displays: it all comes from an analysis made upfront together with a true respect for the corporate style of each company.

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