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"Why fake it, when you can create it": Medium Format for Fashion with Frank Doorhof

12/24/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this hour-long live video session sponsored by Mamiya Leaf, Dutch photographer Frank Doorhof shows how he works with a studio setup. He explains his workflow as he creates stunning high contrast portraits in any location.

If you think your studio is too small, Frank shows you tricks that will make you maximize every location you work in (or will work in).

Frank's approach to teaching is according to his motto, "Why fake it, when you can create it". He strongly believes that if you master your light by really understanding what you're doing you can be freed of the burden that is holding back a lot of photographers in their creativity. When you understand what light is doing you can manipulate it and start thinking about creating killer images instead of struggling to get the look you’re after.

During the workshop Frank works with the Leaf Credo digital back and also shows you how this back has changed his approach in location shoots.