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"Studio Jens Assur", Supermegacities and The Black Box Project

12/07/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Stockholm based photographic artist and director Jens Assur created a stunning photo-series called "Supermegacities", which shows the effect of migration in the most influencial cities of our time.

 The photos were shot with a handmade superlarge format camera, were printed on 3x2m Invercote Paperboard and then cut into little pieces, which you were able to swop with others on an interactice platform. So you were able to build your own personal Supermegacity.

We´ve been guest at Studio Jens Assur in Stockholm, Sweden and filmed a short portrait about him, his work and his background. The video was included in the Blackbox as a DVD and was used for the campaign and diverse social media.

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The Project

A Black Box? So what? 

Probably the greatest challenge a designer faces is to develop new ideas every day. But sometimes the magic happens: Inspiration and production meet and a figment of imagination is turned into something that touches our heart and soul. Into something that brings joy into our minds and impresses us by its ingenuity.

The idea behind the Black Box Project® is quite simple: What will happen if you give designers a tool with which he or she can do whatever they like? The Black Box is nothing but a stage on which designers perform their art, without any limitations apart from using the unique characteristics of Invercote and the size of the box.

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