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The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking | Basic Tutorial

12/28/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 6 Comments

This introduction to DSLR video is divided into six parts.
Learn how to set up your camera, shoot in daylight and at night.
This tutorial shows you how to get the cinematic film look that so many people are talking about.

In the fall of 2008 Vincent Laforet was the first one to use the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which was the first digital SLR capable of recording full HD video. The short film he shot mostly at night, called "Reverie", become popular over night.

Something that Canon never intended got more and more in focus of amateur filmmakers all over the world: Shooting films and commercials with a stills camera. It only took a few month and the first accessories were released.

Since then a lot has happened and a lot of TV shows like "House MD" or "CSI Miami" used DSLRs on set. Philip Bloom, another pioneer in digital filmmaking, used cameras on the Lucas Film production "Red Tails". The small body and the great image quality has fascinated international acclaimed cinematographers like Rodney Charters ("24"). In independent cinema those cameras became indispensable.


A tutorial by Fenchel & Janisch



Scott said...

Pretty good coverage of the basics with nice examples... thanks for the post.

Farra Brown said...

This is a great tutorial for DSLR dummies. It is my passion to take pictures so I consider myself a novice photographer. I thought it's time to get serious so I purchased my first ever DSLR camera and I'm already hooked.

Shumi said...

Its quite helpful for all the aspiring filmmaker who wants to make film using DSLR. I should also try this soon!

So good this video clip and written article . Liked and appreciate your post .

Hridoy said...

well said about how ta take photos on DSLR.Thanks for sharing this.

The video is very helpful. Article is well written . Thanks for this amazing post.