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Using Grid Spots: A Lighting Tutorial by Jay P. Morgan

12/15/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Shooting with Grid Spots can change the look of your image even when you use only one light. In today's Slanted Lens lesson we are out on location in downtown New York City, Wall Street. We will be shooting corporate portraits using Grid Spots with the help of our talent Jay White.

We will be looking at the area of coverage of the different grids and how to pan grids right and left in order to flag the light of the talent's body and face.

We used a Dynalight Pack and 20 degree grid to create most of the images because the tighter grid helps the images to look a little bit more dramatic.

Then we put a warm Rosco CTO gel over the grid and changed the color temperature to 3800 to cool down the background. Since we were very mobile all day we attached our Dynalight 800 pack to a stand with a clamp that Dynalight makes for this purpose. To power the pack we used a portable light weight battery source that Dynalight is releasing in December.

The grids and the power pack served us well during the day and I couldn't be more happy with the final images we got on the shoot.

Keep this cameras rolling and keep on click'n.

By Jay P. Morgan Photography via TheSlantedLens