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Creating Bokeh in Times Square: A Lighting Tutorial by "Light Master" Jay P. Morgan

1/11/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In today's TSL lesson we are back in New York City shooting in Times Square. I wanted to explore shooting Bokeh with all the intense lighting of Times Square. Not to mention the incredible energy you feel just being there.

The term "bokeh" comes from Japanese and means "blur" or "haze".

In this lesson we will take a look at different lenses and aperture settings to see how they create this cinematic look called Bokeh. Different lenses create different patterns. We will look at using a long lens at 200 mm and how that compares to a 50 mm lens. Before we head out on location to Times Square let's take a look at how to create Bokeh.

 Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn'.