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Fire Painting: Perfect combination of fine art and fire via Von Wong

1/30/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

DAS and I spent a lot of time in pre-production – sketching out ideas and concepts trying to figure out which would work best. We treated the WOM dog as a luxury art piece that it was to create imagery that would convey a sense of mystery and movement. While planning, it was imperative to take no risks so that the piece of art that the artist entrusted us with would not be damaged. ( via Von Wong )
One of the final images:

Via facebook
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Photo: Von Wong
Pyro: Andrey Das -
Pyro Assist: Jerem Cotte, Joe Guillian
Photo Assistants: Nicolas Vallet, Benjamin Lecomte, David Mozelman, Felix Barjou, Virginie Marcerou
Video: Nicolas Sarkissian from EyeMOOV -
Second Camera: Mathieu Hery