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Off-Camera Flashes: How to use a DIY wireless flash trigger with a cheap camera

1/01/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Wireless flash trigger for Sony NEX
By Gregory Kemp Photography
After a long time thinking of buying a Nikon Coolpix P7700 or Canon G like pocket camera, I finally settled on a Sony Nex and can only say that I am delighted with it, is compact and the image quality is spectacular even with ISO high.

Arguably all my cameras are Sony, because my Nikon has an excellent sensor of this company too.

The problem with my NEX is that only synchronizes to 1/160 and has no hot shoe. How to solve this problem?. How to off the flash from the camera?

Watching the problems that David Hobby had to shoot a remote flash I remembered an old tutorial that could help us to use a off flash with cheap cameras  (with ND filter too, good idea )

Looking time ago I found a tutorial by Gregory Kemp about how to solve the problem, the page no longer exists but the photos are still on his flickr account.

The solution: using a remote optical slave trigger for hot shoe mount flash and cheap wireless trigger.

Triggering its own flashes
By Gregory Kemp Photography
Now there are adapters on the market for Sony Nex, but this is a good idea holds for any compact camera,  even with a  Buzz Lightyear Camera like David Hobby and DigitalRev ( Watch it here )

Here a video with the same idea:

 Images via Gregory Kemp Photography and video via shawn gormley



Anonymous said...

Very cool use of the tools available.
Some time it too confusing to figure out how to put the right tools together and make things simple.