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Storm Chaser Photographer David Mayhew

1/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

About the Photographer

Born in the UK, David Mayhew was raised in rural Suffolk in the east of England, close to where Constable created his paintings and where pictorial naturalist photography first came to be under the skillful hand of Emerson. After his private school education David went on to obtain a Bachelor of Engineering in Product Design at Loughborough University.

As is common with the adventurous and curious young minds of the UK, David donned a backpack and headed around the world, stopping in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and hitchhiking across Canada. What was initially to be a year became 19 months and a number of odd jobs were required to sustain his onward travel.

Storm Chasing for me is about seeing nature at its most beautiful. Each storm is unique, providing new and diverse photo opportunities. The goal of a chase for me is therefore to be witness to spectacular skies and not necessarily to see a tornado, otherwise I would frequently be disappointed. - saids David

On his return to the UK, David fell victim to the itchy feet syndrome and took a job that allowed him continued travel. Various jobs within the automotive industry whisked him off to Turin in Italy, Chicago in the US and back home again, spending 18 months at each. It was during this period that David developed a love of photography and made use of his income to indulge in the medium.

In 2003 David decided to abandon the 9 to 5 environment and delve head first into photography, taking on studies in digital and film photography at the College of DuPage, located just outside Chicago. He has also made use of the Weather Lab at the College, inspiring him to take up storm chasing, a perfect opportunity for a very diverse set of images. David was also extremely encouraged in the early stages of his photographic career when he received various scholarships and awards.

In the future his aim is to make use of the new digital medium and to continue to travel to capture remarkable images of landscapes, skyscapes and the abstract geometry that nature presents.

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