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LiteReach Plus, The Ultimate Monopod by Photoflex via Trevor Sherwin

2/23/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Here's the BTS video for the new LiteReach Plus.

 I got my hands on a new piece of studio equipment from the guys at Photoflex. It's exactly what I need for tight, on location shoots that I can't get a boom into.

About photographer

My name is Trevor Sherwin and here’s a brief history on me. I’m a Toronto boudoir photographer & artist and I’m very passionate about my work. I photograph people. Boudoir, headshots and lifestyle are my areas of expertise. Photography especially that of people brings me great joy. Making a photo of someone and having them fall in love with that image is so rewarding to me. I’ve been shooting for many years. I started reading at National Geographic as a kid. Well looking at the pictures at least. LOL

 My style is quirky and eclectic bur really modern and great for everything from family portraits or images to get you acting jobs. I love lighting you in flattering & dramatic ways so that my images stand out from the crowd. I love to laugh so I hope you’re ready to have fun.
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Photographer:  PhotoTrevor - Trevor Sherwin

Via and thanks to Trevor Sherwin