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What's in Your Bag?: Traveling Light on Assignment with Model Shoot

2/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This is a question often asked of photographers with a range of answers. There are some photographer’s who work with an austere kit, carrying a camera, a few lenses, and the bare essentials while others carry everything including the kitchen sink.

Let headshot and editorial photographer Bob Harrington walk you through what’s in his bag for his daily work. There are no secrets here or a bag of tricks. Bob uses simple gear that fits into two travel bags. Whether he’s shooting corporate, editorial, personal, or running a workshop, Bob’s kit is simple and packed well into two cases. Let him also show you how he modifies the kit to fit practical short assignments and travel.

Let him share with you not only what’s in the bag but also part numbers and certain essentials you should never be without so you too can build a kit that is efficient and cost effective for your work.

Like all of Bob’s presentations and workshops, this event is broken into two parts:

• Part 1: Slideshow, Lecture, Q+A
• Part 2: Live shooting demonstration with a model. Bob will shoot as if given an assignment and show you how to work in the field with what you are given for a location but also with minimal gear.

Let professional photographer, author, and photography educator Bob Harrington share his tips and techniques on getting the shot with a range of equipment and help you build your own efficient kit.



Michael said...

Great video very informative and I'm soon looking to get into using speedlites so some valuable lessons.