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Creating a Composite In Photoshop: "Queen of the Crows" by Lauri Laukkanen

3/23/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this "Tuesdays with Lauri"-video we take a behind-the-scenes look at my recent photoshoot that I organised in London. We talk about creating a composite image in Photoshop, as well as take a quick look at the lighting I used in this photograph.

Final image


Now we concentrate on cutting out a person from a white background, and making sure that they blend in with the new backdrop.


In this video Lauri Laukkanen retouches out model's skin and add the crows into the image.


We will colour-grade the photo using the Curves Adjustment Panel, create a natural looking vignette with the lasso-tool, introduce the "iris-blur" and add some noise in select areas of the image.

Read the full, written article (with additional technical details) here:

About Lauri Laukkanen 
Lauri Laukkanen, is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in creative portraiture, fashion and sports photography. People usually describe his style as cinematic, creative and sometimes a tiny bit crazy. He was recently awarded with the WDP 2012: Photographer of the Year -award, and his work has been featured all around the internet, including, Vogue etc. View his portfolio here:

Photo, video and article by Lauri Laukkanen