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Eternal Light - The Software to take control of your photographic memories.

3/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

How do we deal with our increasing load of collected visual memories?

Eternal Light is an OSX based time-machine that lets you control an infinite number (100,000+) of images over an iPad app and play them at any speed even synced to sound in realtime.

Paradoxically the more images we gather nowadays the more they disappear, their abundance makes them invisible. One can simply not sort, select nor present these memories to anyone. The light which was once captured with a great many devices is now hidden in our massive hard drives where nobody can see it. Hell knows who (ever) will.

Eternal Light is all about making this captured light shine again by making your abundant photographic memories accessible and perceivable. We are building a tool which lets you control, filter, present and animate vast amounts of HD images (and videos) at your fingertips in no time, at any speed, synced to any sound.

There are a number of questions which initially inspired us starting this project:
  • How can we interconnect memories of different peoples' lives?
  • How can we make and keep them accessible in the long term (until the end of time)?
  • Who should be able to access them and how are we able to control access?
  • How can we structure our digital artefacts in order to make them independent of new technologies?

Eternal Light is just the first part of our answer to these questions. We hope you can see its potential.


Eternal Light is a Quartz Composer based software.
The tool simply reads out folders that contain image files (gif,png,jpg) and plays them in alphabetical order at any speed (currently up to 25fps) or synced to sound. A TouchOSC based iPad interface gives you control over the Quartz Composer Application.

This is a very early version of the Eternal Light software and, as such, there are quite a few setup steps necessary to have it functioning on your machine but if you follow the instructions below it should be relatively simple.

  • Mac OSX
  • Snow Leopard / Lion
  • iPad or Android Tablet
    • XCode 4.1 or later
    • TouchOSC for iPad/Android
    • Soundflower
    • Syphon Recorder (optional)
    • Rogue Amoeba Linein (optional)
    • Patches / Plugins
      • Kineme Structure Tools
      • Kineme File Tools
      • Hexler qcOSC
      • Syphon Plugin
      • v002 Movie Player
      • v002 Optical Flow
Team: Stefan Landrock [Concept, Design], Sebastian Kainrad [Quartz Composer], Stephan Schulz [iOS, Cocoa],

They'll be launching a Kickstarter campaign very soon. Watch out!

More information about this project:


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