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Into the Polar Night: Vladimir Donkov - The Man Who Loves Winter via Hasselblad

3/26/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Vladimir Donkov has a reputation for braving the elements to shoot fantastic images of some of the remotest locations on the planet, and he enjoys the challenge that comes from facing the wilderness alone.

TEDxBG: Outdoor photographer Vladimir Donkov shares what he learned during his 2-month trips alone in the wilderness.( Bulgarian language (Thanks :D )


I share rare moments of unique Light from remote and unknown locations with passion and patience.
Being a chameleon, I merge with local people and nature to create compelling images for my personal projects and commercial clients.

My photography is nurtured from in-depth research, profound love for the Polar regions and utimate survival skills.

Perhaps it’s inexplicable to most people what the joy from carrying 60 kilos alone in the wilderness is and how trout fishing could be a daily sport in order to survive for the next two months. Indeed a certain mindset and experience is needed to sing loudly (and way out of tune) “Alwaaays look ooon the briiight side of life”, while passing freezing glacial rivers or solo climbing.

But in the end, I go home to my loved ones with a few stunning shots and a clear mind, happy and hungry for something different from astronauts food and fish.

At the moment I am based in the UK after working as a photographer for the past 11 years in the United States, Bulgaria and Norway. I am available for assignments worldwide and I know how to fit a truck into a backpack.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you have any further questions or just want to say Hi!
See the images at

Via HasselbladAS and TEDxTalks


Ivan Mihailov said...

Hey, that second video is not in Russian, it's in Bulgarian language actually :)