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Getting crazy vertigo dangling in front of Tomata Falls: To the ends of the earth with Tim Kemple and Phase One

4/04/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Tim Kemple's photography is about authenticity, rawness, passion and place. He doesn't take vacations. He pushes himself and his kit to the limits.

Via Facebook
Tim explains the lengths he went to on a recent shoot with some of the world's best kayakers in Mexico.

He used a Phase One 645DF+ with IQ180 digital back and 28mm lens at 1/1600th shutter.

"We were constantly battling the elements: bugs, rain, and slippery cliff edges. The most difficult part though was trying to be creative, and look at the angles with a fresh perspective... all while trying not to slip and fall, while its raining and you are getting eaten alive by bugs. Creativity under extreme circumstances I guess you'd call it."

"I share passion through my photography. The athletes I call friends are my muse. Dangling on ropes, bushwhacking through jungles, and suspended in space with my toes dipped in waterfalls. I'm never comfortable...

My friends would say I like to tinker. Impossible flash syncs, complicated rope work, and razor thin focus planes. The athletes push the limits of their bodies and equipment. I do the same.

There are no stadiums full of cheering fans. Instead, I alone catch glimpses of the earth that are rarely seen. I've never been much for souvenirs. A single picture is enough for me!"

Photographer: Tim Kemple

Via PhaseOneDK