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Learn to put your camera down: Seeing the world through a different lens with Joey L. (Part II)

5/14/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this episode of "SRO Conversations," Photographer Joey L. ( talks with Summer Rayne Oakes about putting your camera down and getting to know your subjects on a more intimate level.

Following your passion should be your first priority

Joey talks about putting your passion first and taking risks in life.

About SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations with Joey L.

Very few young commercial photographers have received as much attention and acclaim as Joey L. A professional photographer by age 16, Joey's career began shooting his friends' bands and evolved into shooting well-known television and movie ads as well as celebrity portratiture - all of which we would recognize today even if the "Joey L." name doesn't register with us. However, perhaps his greatest work to this day is not his commercial pursuits - but his pursuits in filming indigenous peoples in a new and different light.

Those who follow their passion clearly light their own path, and this is evidently seen and heard throughout the third episode of SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations where Joey L. expresses a holistic view of his own work, shares what he fears the most, and how he sees the world through a different lens. The episode touches upon his latest film (a recent Kickstarter success), People of the Delta, set in the Omo Valley of Southern Ethiopia as well as his percipient philosophy on getting to know the people he photographs.

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