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UPDATE: Making Of National Geographic Magazine June Cover With James Cameron by Marco Grob

6/16/2013 Matt 2 Comments

We were the first to have this exclusive behind the scenes video thanks  Marco Grob, the international photographer behind the photoshoot of the National Geographic Cover with James Cameron underwater .

Marco is not only a great person that has worked with UN Mine Action Service since 2010, he is a great portrait photographer you should know.

His camera has captured some of the most famous faces of the world, like no other. Always with a personal look.

Now it is a good moment, because he has a brand new website. ( click image to visit )
Marco Grob´s new website

I update this post because National Geographic shared the before and after of the cover with more information about the photoshoot.





 Margaret G. Zackowitz from National Geographic explains

Photographer Marco Grob (below, with camera) had just two hours to make the portrait before his subject had to leave to catch a flight for Australia. So Cameron, whose solo dive into the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean, is featured in this issue, donned a wet suit and went to work. He was a pro at holding his breath: “I was sometimes concerned,” admits Grob. “I’d knock on the window and say, ‘Hey, come up.’” ( via National Geographic)

Of course I have my magazine.


Via | National Geographic - Thank you very much  Marco for your help


Alan said...

Any idea why this video was taken down? Or where we might find it now? Thank you.

Update with a new edit.