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New York Times Bestseller "Dancers Among Us": STREB EXTREME ACTION live photo shoot by Jordan Matter

5/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Video by Sandy Chase |

Check out this incredible behind the scenes video capturing an amazing night of Jordan Matter photographing STREB EXTREME ACTION in front of the Grace Building in New York City on May 7.

Presented by Arts Brookfield, the night's festivities also included a Dancers Among Us photo and video slideshow, and a raffle of prints and books.

Here's what my publisher has to say about the book:

The mystery of the body in motion. The surprise of seeing what seems impossible. And the pure, joyful optimism of it all. Dancers Among Us presents one thrilling photograph after another of dancers leaping, spinning, lifting, kicking-but in the midst of daily life: on the beach, at a construction site, in a library, a restaurant, a park. With each image the reader feels buoyed up, eager to see the next bit of magic.

Organized around themes of work, play, love, exploration, dreaming, and more, Dancers Among Us celebrates life in a way that's fresh, surprising, original, universal. There's no photoshopping here, no trampolines, no gimmicks, no tricks. Just a photographer, his vision, and the serendipity of what happens when the shutter clicks.

  • 240 full-color pages
  • Over 150 dancers featured
  • An introductory essay for every chapter, and behind-the-scenes anecdotes about the making of each photograph

Source: via Jordan on Pinterest
Source: via Jordan on Pinterest
Source: via Jordan on Pinterest
Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

Dancers Among Us goes around the USA in Ninety Seconds

More info about the book: