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Testing Diffusion Materials on a Steampunk Set by Jay P Morgan

5/25/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today on the Slanted Lens we are going to take a look at different diffusion materials Rosco makes. We will see how soft and how hard different diffusion materials are and how they wrap around the human face and effect the background as well.

Diffusion has been a critical part of lighting in the Movie and Video world for years. In the beginning it was sheets or shower curtains. Lights needed to be softened and shaped in a way that only diffusion could do.

We moved away from the hard light of the 50's to a softer look which demanded diffusion.

On a steampunk set with beautiful Cynthia Chavez we will shoot diffusion tests and then do some fun Steam punk photos. Rosco makes one of the best lines of diffusion in the industry.

For our test we have set up a 2K aimed directly at our talent. It's very bright and needs to be diffused. Let's look at how different diffusion effects to a human face.

I hope this test will give you good information and practical examples to make your decision on what to use. It is crucial when working with continuous lighting that we have good diffusion.

 Select your favorite and keep them in your lighting kit.

Keep those cameras rolling and keep on clickn'.

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