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Pitchfork Pod Now at kickstarter: The most versatile DIY Video Production Stabilizer Using a Cheap Monopod

10/12/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 4 Comments

A travel-friendly monopod that offers improved stability and unparalleled versatility for run-and-gun video production, now it is kickstarter project.

What is The Pitchfork Pod? The Pitchfork Pod is a new kind of travel-friendly monopod created to give you improved stability and unparalleled versatility for run-and-gun video production.

Tell me more! The Pitchfork Pod gives filmmakers superior stabilization over traditional monopods, straps to your back, and allows for a variety of shot styles all while still fitting inside your carry-on luggage bag. It’s great for shooting weddings, concerts, and your latest adventure.

How does it work? The forked base creates two points of contact with the ground, preventing jitter on the horizontal axis. The base also acts as a shoulder stock to allow for shoulder mount and crane style shots.

History: As a DIY-minded videographer, I designed this for myself to solve the issues I was running into while shooting video at concerts. When I realized how useful it was, I tried approaching a few companies about making them. After they passed, I made a video showing a prototype to the internet, and many others seemed to love it as much as I did. So far I’ve funded everything myself and after much encouragement and prototyping, I’ve finally made it to Kickstarter. Let's make this happen!

This simple modification to a standard cheap monopod gives the user significantly improved stabilization as well as many additional utilization options including shoulder mount, crane, and more.


© Macroscope Pictures

© Macroscope Pictures



Monopod said...

Great creative design.
Photography rack was originally designed so oh.

Unknown said...

Did you ever make the diy version?
You mentioned making one and
posting the plans...

No. I did not

Unknown said...

Too bad. I thought it was a good
Idea that deserved funding.