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Thomas Haden Church and Ed Keating talk with Mark Seliger about how they got their starts and the best and worst things about the proliferation of camera phones

6/04/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Most Humbling Experience

Actor Thomas Haden Church and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Ed Keating join Mark Seliger to talk about how they got their starts, the work that is most meaningful to them.

For Thomas Haden Church it took a vote of confidence from a casting director in Texas and sleeping on a friend's sofa in Los Angeles, while Ed Keating bought his first camera with a $400 tax refund and just started taking pics on the street. Keating talks about the film negative of a Mick Jagger photo that he left sitting on the floor for 10 years before he printed it, and the fact that it's still sitting there now, waiting to see how it will look printed again after 25 years

Experiences of 9/11

Thomas Haden Church, Ed Keating and Mark Seliger share their experiences of the days following 9/11. Keating snuck into the wreckage of the twin towers dressed as a construction worker, and was joined in the days following by Mark Seliger to photograph the ruins of the towers and an apartment across the street. He shares the most memorable photo from that time - a shot of a tea set that screamed called to him. Haden Church remembers losing friends David Angell, his mentor, and Lynn Angell who were in the first jet to hit the World Trade Center.

The Worst Thing About Cameraphones

Thomas Haden Church tells Ed Keating and Mark Seliger about getting naked in his second audition to land the part in Sideways. Then the three dig into the fishbowl to answer some questions: If you could have one photograph on your wall, what would it be? What is your favorite place to take pictures? And what are the best and worst things about the proliferation of camera phones?

Text and video via Reserve Channel