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Adventure/sport shooter Lars Schneider: Touring the South West of the United States in a 40 year old VW Van

7/18/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this episode 5  ‘Life in Focus’, features German adventure/sport shooter, Lars Schneider.

Lars is a old friend of this magazine. You can watch other great BTS video here ( BTSV Urban Running Photoshoot for Gore-Tex in Germany by Lars Schneider )

Lars has a story to tell that's far different from anything we've heard before. With a passion for exploring the outdoors, Lars pursued his dream of becoming an outdoor photographer and journalist at a very young age. He began submitting his work to several magazines, getting first published at 16. By the early 90's becoming an outdoor photographer was a small market and not a promising option in Germany, so Lars was forced to consider work elsewhere. He tried to make the 9-5 grind happen and soon realized it wasn't for him. While he continued to submit stories and photos to magazines, he was soon connected with the Chief Editor of Outdoor Magazine who marvelled at the photos and stories Lars was producing, and promoted him to Outdoor Magazine's travel editor.

Fast forward 10 years--Lars and his wife Katrin are based out of Hamburg, Germany and have travelled the world, while building their photography brand, Outdoor Visions, which specializes in all types of outdoor photography from yoga to landscape to ski touring. Last year, Lars and Katrin were graced with a new member of their family, Fietje. Eight months later they're on the road touring the South West of the United States in a 40 year old VW Van with their newborn son.

The Van |

In this episode, we get a glimpse of this trip through the Great Southwest with Lars, Katrin and eight month old Fietje, to see what life is like on the road.

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