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Behind the Scenes of a Studio Shoot with 9 models by Stefanie Glasgow

7/05/2013 Matt 0 Comments

Stefanie explains more about this photoshoot:

I wanted to do something fun, something creative, and something challenging! This photo was only a vision in my head until I had the help of so many wonderful people in the Halifax photography industry.

It started out with my fellow photographer friend Mike Phang and I talking about interesting ideas to shoot. He had the awesome idea of doing a spread like you see in Vanity Fair when they put out the “Oscar Nominees” or “Best Of” for the year. But then the ideas started to evolve into something that wasn’t so focused on the people in the picture, but rather a story in the image. Mike had been shooting behind the scenes of many of my shoots, so I thought, why not shoot a moment in behind the scenes, but just replace everyone with models?

I was very lucky to have so many people wanting to be involved, and I am also very thankful to be given the space and time to create this image. As you can see in the video, it was shot as a composite, left to right, with a main front softbox, side strip box, and an extremely high hair light strip box. The camera was a Nikon D7000 with a 70-200mm 2.8 VR II. 


Creative Director and Photo Assistant: Mike Phang
Models (from Left to Right): Stephanie Loder, Kiersten Hackett, Carlyn Shaw, Lin Lin Ngu, Kaitlin Knox, Tamara Chemij, Adrienne Henley, Tasha MacDonald, Karen Murdock
Hairstylists: Laura Lewis, Dorothy Smith, Lucia Dorado, Xander Jenkins
Make up Artists: Bailey Elliott, Rebecca Mercer, Lucia Dorado
Stylist: Elise Comrie
Behind the Scenes Video: Dillon Garland, River Point Films
All Garments from Brent McCombs at Shadow House Studios
And a very special thanks to Steve Richard
Shot in Shadow House Studios

Thanks Stefanie