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How to Talk to Strangers: 7 Tips For Photographing People

7/03/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Have you ever been nervous about taking a picture of a total stranger? If you would like to know how to become more comfortable with people in just a few seconds, artist and photographer Adam Marelli is going to share seven useful lessons in photographing people. From how to set up a composition before even lifting the camera to some artistic skills on animating a figure, this presentation will allow you to walk away with a quick way to photograph anyone in the world.

Adam Marelli is a NYC based photographer who specializes in environmental portraiture and documentary work. He teaches workshops throughout the world which allow photographers to immerse themselves in a location and dig below the surface of a culture. By combining his backgrounds in classical and contemporary art he brings a unique perspective to the challenges that every photographer faces in the field.

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