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Behind the Scenes "Reebok Crossfit" Gym in Hong Kong using medium-format camera by Mike Pickles

8/27/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

One of our Hong Kong-based photographers Mike Pickles recently shot at a Reebok Crossfit gym in Hong Kong and we decided to post a BTS look at the shoot.

Mike used our PhaseOne 645DF+ medium-format camera system together with a IQ160 digital back and our Elinchrom Ranger Quadra portable strobe packs. As Mike explains in the BTS video, one of the key reasons for using medium-format was the system’s capability of capturing a very large dynamic range. Mike also decided to use our portrable strobe system instead of our more usual mains-powered heads due to the flexibility and speed of moving these lights around without requiring trailing cords to mains outlets.

Mike’s idea was to capture visually arresting portraits of the trainers both in action and posed in front of a backdrop and he chose a low-key theme for the images to lend the images extra drama. Post-production was required in order to bring out the details in the images and to remove distracting features in the background of the portraits.
Client: Reebok CrossFit Asphodel
Agency: illume visuals

00:05 = establishing
00:18 = setting up
00:30 = shooting
00:52 = post-production
01:44 = interview 

Final images: