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I like Ice Light Commercial by Jerry Ghionis

8/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

My primary goal with this commercial was, of course, to create a film that would show the Ice Light itself and the quality of light it produces. But I didn’t want it to be a dry, boring infomercial. Instead, I wanted to create a short film that included a distinct storyline with humorous elements in it, similar to what you would see in a Super Bowl commercial.

I wanted to take the viewer on a cinematic journey and so I also needed the production value to be epic. It took a full year of conceptualizing then meticulously story-boarding every single scene. I hired one of Australia’s leading filmmakers, Abraham Joffe and his incredible team from Untitled Film Works to film and edit the commercial in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. 

After feeling like I ran a marathon over two long days (shooting into the early morning each day), all of the footage was finally captured. I can honestly say that producing, directing and being featured in the film was one of the most stimulating and creative things I have done so far in my career. It was an incredible experience.

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Manufactured by Westcott (, the Ice Light is a portable, dimmable, daylight balanced, continuous LED light source with a built in battery. The Ice Light was created for multiple uses including photography and film-making. To learn more about the Ice Light and to purchase, visit:

Producer and Director - Jerry Ghionis
Director of Photography – Abraham Joffe
Editer - Hayley Yeoh
Camera Assistants – Wissam Abdallah, Turei Cooze
Aerial – Toby De Jong
Story – Jerry Ghionis
Production – Untitled Film Works
Music courtesy of Triple Scoop Music
Filmed in Melbourne, Australia
Copyright 2013 All rights reserved