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Too Many Cameras: Street photography in Frankfurt by Philip Bloom

8/13/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

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A mini doc made as a filmmaking exercise as part of a three day private tuition for digital agency Szyygy in Frankfurt.

The brief was to make a mini doc on a subject. Make it short, concise, interesting. I was chosen as they thought I was interesting. How wrong they were!

I have now chosen the cameras I want to go out with and I now carry two with me for the most part. My Leica M and a Medium Format, be that a Hassie, a Rollei or my Contax 645...ONLY ONE! I was just trying them all out here as I had just got them! Bit heavy otherwise!!

Thanks to Daniel, Daniel, Carina, Peter and Marco

Photographs and all filming done on location in Frankfurt, Germany.

Filmed on all sort of cameras. 1DC, D7000, 5D3, 5D2.
If you are interested in private tuition please email me at