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The Unknown Photographer: The Syrian War Through an Action Cam by Freelance Tom Daams in Aleppo

9/09/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In 2012 a fateful choice of a TV channel has brought me face to face with the atrocities of the Syrian rebellion. I was shocked that such crimes against humanity were happing at the literal door step of Europe and yet outside of the war-torn country, life went on as usual. So in the summer of 2012, finding myself unable to be a bystander any longer, with camera in hand, I walked across the Turkish border into Syria and thus The Unknown Photographer was born.

The Unknown Photographer:  Tom Daams (via

While wanting to share the raw images of war to raise awareness of what is truly happening in the conflict, I found myself also deeply affected by the everyday people that live on the frontlines and still manage to maintain their humanity, their kindness, their humor and undying hope for a better future. Men, women and children who live every day without knowing if they will see the next sunrise and yet still manage to show the kind of open-hearted hospitality to a stranger that is rarely found in our world today.

For a documentary I used a helm camera in Syria. Hours and hours of footage of destruction, through all Aleppo I talk with the locals and journey with my highly trusted guides to front lines but more important the suburbs of Aleppo full where most civilians live.. After the documentary I just kept recording with my Sony Action Cam, this is a fast edit of some of that footage

The footage is recorded in May and is recorded in the old city of Aleppo. The other two photographers, from UK and South Africa, I took with me to Aleppo.

Check out his blog or website to find the photo's he took while recording this footage.

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