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Behind of the scene video about "Chess Portraits": A Fine Art Photographic Project by Francesco Ridolfi

10/01/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

About Fine Art Photographer Francesco Ridolfi:

I was born in Bologna, Italy, twenty days earlier than expected, one morning in the summer of 1981. A dozen or so years later, I fell in love with photography – a process catalysed by the mythical Olympus OM-1 belonging to my father.

Following graduation and a year of postgrad study eking out a living on temporary contracts, I decide that I would like to dictate my own terms of job insecurity. So I open my first ‘photographic studio’ in the basement of my parents’ house. Since then, I have progressed through a good few of these (I mean studios, not basements), and I have never stopped thanking my stars for the decision I made back then.

Today my time is divided mainly between Brussels, Bologna and Milan, working on commercial and editorial assignments. I’m referred to in the trade as a portraitist, and I’m quite happy that this definition has stuck. 

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