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"Falling Away": Light Painting with film By Jason D. Page

10/14/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A light painting series from artist Jason D. Page.

The images you see are about two years worth of effort and all completely unedited SOOC except for a crop on the vertical shots. For this series I shot 7 rolls of film in total, over a two year period. Of those images there were about 20 or so that came close to what I had envisioned, and just a handful that I am personally happy with. -Jason explains-
The inspiration for this light painting series was born out of me wondering what it might look like if we could see the fallen angles being cast down from heaven. My grandparents used to tell me that god was angry when it was thundering and lightning, so I imagine he would be pretty pissed if an angel did something bad enough to be cast down from the heavens. This series is what I imagine it might look like.

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Old A** Canon AE1 (35mm)
Kodak Ektar 100 Color Negative Film
Vivitar 28mm 2.5
Cable Release

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