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The Elevin Show: Photoshoot with Instagram's star Jen Selter

10/25/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 7 Comments

On this week's edition of the Eric Levin Show, Eric goes on a photoshoot with Instagram has photo shoot with Instagram celebrity and fitness blogger, Jen Selter.

Via Jen Selter´s Instragram

Via Jen Selter´s Instragram
Join photographer Eric Levin on his Instagram adventure with the amazing Jen Selter and see how you can do an Old School photoshoot in this age of Instagram selfies.

Via Jen Selter´s Instragram
Via Jen Selter´s Instragram
Enjoy and don't forget to hit the comments!


Jen Selter Instagram:
ELevin photography:

Text and video via WPO:


Anonymous said...

I cant see the video, IT says its "private" =/, can someone tell me how the hell I can watch it? Thanks.

Razciel Ammz said...

Hi man, I really like the post, and the girl, of course, but Its just that I cant watch the video you include in your post... Is there any way that you can allow me to view it? I would appreciate it, regards.

Razciel Ammz said...

Do you receive my last message? Hope you did.

I will search again. I am sorry

Razciel Ammz said...

Ok, thanks in advance, hope you can find the video again, I'll be waiting, regards.

I am sorry but the video is private now. Bad news :(

Good news!!!. Online again.