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Find your niche and photograph what you love like surf photographer Eugene Tan from Aquabumps

11/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Eugene Tan grew up in Western Australia and started surfing in the Cottesloe shore break at age three, clinging to his father’s back. By 13, he was riding the rogue swells of Margaret River on a short board. Today, he still spends every spare moment immersed in the ocean, but now he’s taking photos when he’s not surfing. Eugene’s fascination for photography started early taking pictures as a teenager and continued as he studied photography at University as part of his design degree.

After 10 years as a Creative Director for a leading digital agency, Eugene left the city to concentrate full time as a professional photographer and blogger. Today, Eugene combines both of his passions – surfing and photography – in his successful photography business, Aquabumps. Eugene Tan captures Bondi Beach at sunrise every day, and has done so for 13 years, sending his images to more than 90,000 people each morning (Facebook and website combined).

Canon Australia appointed Eugen as a Canon Master in 2013 and this film produced by untitled film works tells his story in his own words.

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Superb passion, keep it going! Well it's so inspiring as well