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MODERE: 5 Day Photo Shoot with Photographer Matt Hawthorne

11/08/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This video is a look behind the scenes from a large scale production with photographer Matt Hawthorne for a brand new company called Modere™, a company that sells a ton of great products such as household care, personal care, and health & fitness.

 As this was their first company photo shoot, we were able to create imagery that felt clean, sophisticated, and modern that would launch the company and set a style for their look. Each day of the 5 day shoot was focused on a different theme or product line, so we were faced with the challenge of moving a lot, and shooting completely different things while keeping a uniform style throughout the week.

 Our days included a studio fashion / beauty day, a couple hanging out at a coffee shop and strolling the streets, fitness and workout, family at home, and active outdoor lifestyle. We were proud to execute a consecutive 5 day shoot of 63 different scenarios, from 6 locations, and walking away with tons of incredible images.

Check out the company website at and more of the photographers work at

The high quality of this behind the scenes even in the making!

Thanks Matt for sharing!!!