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Photoshoot in The Historic Tennessee Theatre with musician Erick Baker for CityView Magazine by Tyler Oxendine

11/10/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friend and reader, the photographer Tyler Oxendine from Knoxville explains more about this behind the scenes video with musician Erick Baker for the current issue of CityView Magazine:

In the shoot I used two lights (one Alienbee b800 in a 4 ft Flashpoint octobox to light the subject and a Alienbee b800 with reflector to light some of the chairs behind him).

After the first "main" set up we just walked around to different locations within the theater with a Alienbee b800 and Flashpoint octobox. A lot of the time a single light in my flashpoint 4 ft octobox is my go to lighting in a run and gun situation.
All images © Tyler Oxendine

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