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Why you have to be the quickest SON OF A GUN if you wanna be a successful portrait photographer via Marco Grob

11/14/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sure you remember Marco Grob, because a few months ago we posted a video about the last portrait with Steve Jobs that you can watch again HERE

Ok, I think you have the right answer. Vice President Joe Biden express correctly. Maybe you do not need a studio like the NASA but you must to have all ready to take a portrait to famous people ( and not famous ) in a few minutes to be a successful portrait photographer. And one of my favorites portraits photographers, Marco Grob, is a master.

If you wanna read the complete story behind this photoshoot read this:

The final images via Time

© Marco Grob for TIME

Take your time with the incredible Marco Grob´s portfolio: HERE