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"Love Sick.": Behind the scenes of a particular pre-weeding on a medical scenario.

12/17/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I have been afraid. Afraid to post the 'Behind The Scenes' for a project my clients and I love. Why? I have been too nervous about what people would think. I know the photographic online community can be quite brutal and critical. I kept asking myself, would one or two negative comments spiral into a deluge of negativity because a number of photographers just didn't get it? This despite the fact that when I posted the images on FB, I received such a great response. And despite the fact that this shoot resulted in me getting more work. Finally, a few weeks back we landed a medical video project, directly off the back of this shoot!

The group of doctors and surgeons had seen the images and REMEMBERED them over a year later! The moment this happened, I decided, I had learnt my lesson. "DONT BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT." I kinda hope this lesson will resonate.

I sat down with Jem and Am and came up with some creative ideas based on them. The first idea was presented. They loved it, but then told me that they were happy to push the boundaries further. So then I set out to come up with a new concept.

Due to a number of nights spent in hospital caring for a family member, I came up with the theme "Love Sick." So in love that your heart skips a beat, you lose your appetite and you feel dizzy! This idea came from my heart and also reflected my clients who were connected with the medical profession. The couple looked at the sketch, looked at each other, smiled and said, "Yes!"

The logistics to make this happen would prove to be challenging. The key was that the look of these images couldn't be half hearted. They had to look like stills from a movie. If the standard wasn't right, then this series would fall flat on its face. Scanning through my past work, I decided I was able to do it.

This video shows you exactly how we made the shots. The key thing I want you to take away is the experience the couple are having. In their words, they could have had images in park or use me to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks to my team and the volunteers who helped me make this happen!

Text and video via Simeon Quarrie

Twitter: @simeonquarrie