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The secrets behind the lighing setup of the Campari Calendar 2014 with Uma Thurman by Koto Bolofo

1/01/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Uma Thurman stars as the 2014 Campari Calendar Worldwide Celebration talent. See the 2014 Campari Calendar behind the scenes photos, lighting setups and learn with the photographer Koto Bolofo.

Koto Bolofo was born in South Africa in 1959 and raised in Great Britain. Bolofo has photographed and made short films for magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ. He has created advertising campaigns for companies including Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Dom Pérignon. Bolofo lives in the Vendée, France and his books with Steidl include Venus, I Spy with my Little Eye, Something beginning with S, Vroom!, La Maison and Grande Complications. ( via facebook )

“The idea was that if you wore the garments, you wore a dream, or you were wearing my photographs. What I do in photography lays flat on a piece of paper. The photograph has come alive.” explains Koto on his Facebook


Cover of 2014 Calendar |  © Campari & Koto Bolofo
The composition and color palette:

Framing the subject with the columns and door. A mix of warm–cool colors

The lighing setup: 4 lights, one main light, one fill light ( both on the left) and two behind colums with a CTO.

Two back light behind columns with a CTO gel. ( click image)
The fill light on the left
The key light over the umbrella.  Do you see the strip softbox on the left behind the column?
January © Campari & Koto Bolofo
The lighing setup: 3 lights again.
Key Light on the right and maybe a side light on the left
A fill light outside with a "bed sheet"

The composition:

Koto plays with shadows and lines to create dimension.

 The lighting setup: 4 lighting setup. One key light, one side light and 2 back lights with CTO

Two back lights with CTO Gel

Behind the scenes images by Francesco Pizzo ( via Facebook )


The lighting setup: 3 lights,  one umbrella and other light over the umbrela (maybe a Parabolic Broncolor).  One strip softbox (back light) with CTO
Click images to see full screen with more detail


The lighting setup: The same 3 lighting setup with a flag


The lighting setup:


The lighting setup:

We could tell that Koto usually uses a Parabolic Broncolor as key light, an umbrella as  fill light and a strip sofbox as back light.

Images and video via Campari, Koto Bolofo and Francesco Pizzo

Latest updates,  and much more on their Facebook Page here:


Anonymous said...

No part of this video talks about the lighting set-up, title is misleading. This is a BTS of Campari photoshoots.

Anonymous said...

Mmh, that's Briese, not Broncolor, I guess... Briese Focus 77 with silks to soften the light...