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The Flash captured with the new high-speed ELINCHROM Studio Strobes by Philippe Echaroux

2/23/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sure you remember our friend Philippe Echaroux, he always shares his brand new and exclusive videos with our magazine. Two days ago ELINCHROM announced two new high-speed flash heads: the ELC Pro HD Compacts 500 and 1000.

Philippe travelled to the ELINCHROM headquarter  in Switzerland to try and promote this new product with incredible results.

The Flash captured by the new high-speed ELINCHROM Studio Strobes

Elinchrom explains on his website (here) some technical aspects about this new product:

Recycling times are lightning fast (0.6s / 1.2s to full power, ELC 500 J. / ELC 1000 J.) while Swiss precision guarantees consistency of power output and colour temperature, shot after shot. Furthermore the super fast flash durations (up to 1/5000s / 1/5260s, t0.5, ELC 500 / ELC 1000) enable you to freeze motion like never before.

New Elinchrom ELC Pro HD Compacts 500

Elinchrom President Chris Whittle says, ”We set out to make a unit that would not only change the way a photographer works but also the way that they think. We believe the ELC combines everything a photographer needs with everything a photographer wants, plus the consistency and reliability that you expect from Elinchrom.”

The ELC is the first unit to incorporate an OLED screen that displays every control for the most professional user experience. As well as Elinchrom’s stop based power scale, you will now be able to see the power in Joules, flash durations and many other settings. A jog wheel provides easy navigation of the new menu.

Thanks again  Philippe.

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