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"Directing Motion Tour" Sneak Peak by Vincent Laforet

4/26/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Here are seven slides out of the several hundred Vincent Laforet will be going thru on the Directing Motion Tour this spring and Summer.

Vicent explains this project:
One of most important skills modern directors and DP’s are required to master is moving the camera in a dynamic and engaging way. This workshop will teach all levels of filmmakers the precise cinematic language of motion, and how to not only the move the camera itself, but also the content in front of the camera. You will step away from this experience with a solid foundation in camera movement, blocking, lensing, and sequencing, and be able to direct any crew precisely and effectively to execute your vision. By understanding these principles thoroughly, you will add impact to your projects, be they commercials, webisodes, features, shorts, events, or documentaries.

For more information and for ticketing check out:

Link via Dave Dugdale